“In Florida was come a man
Known as Mark M. Lucas
He changed the way we live today
And that sure ain’t no fluke-as!” – from “The Ballad of Mark M. Lucas,” anonymous writer

As the domain name indicates, this is the website devoted to the Legend of Mark M. Lucas, a man who … well, more than a man, really, for Mark M. Lucas was more akin to a being of nature who interfaced with all manner of animal species. In Florida, the Legend of Mark M. Lucas is stronger than ever, the character’s narrative strong enough to withstand passage into the 21st century.

While we all know the story, will you tell us one more time…?

This is the Legend of Mark M. Lucas.

Mark M. Lucas was not so much born as manifested directly from the Earth itself, fully formed in adulthood on March 3, 1845, the date of Florida’s statehood. To say that Mark M. Lucas was impressive in stature would be an epic-sized understatement: This man was a solid 8’ with pectoral muscles the size of flapjack frypans, legs like two sturdy swamp cypresses.

As the name, not even the dustiest of stories told recalls a time when Mark M. Lucas was unnamed or went by anything other than Mark M. Lucas. The meaning of the “M” remains fodder for debate, however: Most folks believe it stands for “Mighty,” while others suggest the “M” means “Man.” A few even claim that the “M” simply provides harmony to the name and stands for nothing in particular; finally, an growing number of Floridians believe that the legend’s name is in fact “Markmlucas,” which we’ll be using heretofore because it’s more fun to read.

Not long after his appearance on our Earth, Markmlucas visited townspeople in Tamarac, in Lauderdale, in Pembroke Pines. Stories told of his creation of the gopher frog, of his meticulous handcarving of the White Springs Trails, of the time he built an iPhone with in-built variable flash from grass, reeds and mud so as to capture an image of the pangolin.

But most of all folks tell of Markmlucas’s time in Coral Springs, for in Coral Springs did he prevent a great war between the species of mankind and alligator. You see, Markmlucas had the great power of empathy, a state that spread across the animal kingdom. In this respect, the powers of Markmlucas were similar to those of Aquaman, but far cooler.

The reptile whisperer of Florida seems to have this magic link with most of the species that one with a sane mind would never even approach. Some even say that in the Zillion Gator game, which is a real hero of IGT slot machines, he is the one that takes over of the horrifying alligator invasion. Many wild life slots have remarkable characters but this one particularly could even turn out to be true, considering that by the present time, nobody actually knows where this epic man is. Did he really choose a path that leads to the wild, leaving behind the human civilization? We might never get to know that…

When was the war between humans and alligators?

Such a war never arose thanks to the legendary man.

Realizing that humans would not roll back the encroaching civilization and that the powerful alligator clan had been stirred into bloodlust by King Trrrwaaaap the Invincible, Markmlucas did thus engage the reptile in battle. For three days and nights did their struggle take the clashing pair throughout Florida, changing the landscape forever as their tremendous footprints became trenches for swampland and knockdowns sinking square miles beneath brackish water.

In the end, Markmlucas did triumph with barely enough strength to claim Trrrwaaaap’s title and his mate. Wounded from battle, Markmlucas lay on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean for decades as scars slowly replaced abrasions and bones were reknit. He weathered countless high tides and low tides punctuated by the occasional hurricane. And yet Markmlucas was not moved.

Where is Markmlucas today?

Sometime in the winter of 2014/15, Markmlucas left human society abruptly, simply gone from one day to the next. Occasionally some tell of sighting the great man, but the great majority have come to accept his departure – a departure which leaves dozens of questions. Some say he lives in the Everglades still, ruling over the alligator pod with his Queen Arrrrrla. Some believe he’s gone out into the stars, seeking new animal life to foster on alien worlds, his frustration at mankind’s greed too much to bear further.

Mark M. Lucas: We'll certainly not see his like again.

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