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Mark M. Lucas
This site was last updated on April 20th, 2014
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     For those old friends and customers that are looking to purchase reptiles and amphibians please click on Tails 'n More Pet Services, llc.

     This is now my personal website. Some links such as some of the photo galleries and some articles are shared with my business site. Other links are not shared with my business and may or may not be related to the animal industry.

     Here you will find;
Photos of domestic and exotic animals - especially reptiles, Florida wildlife, cars, trucks, and an assortment of other topics.
Informative articles, care sheets, rants, raves, opinions, pet peeves and more.
Videos of wildlife, cars, informative, how-to, and more.
Sales and services mostly related to animals, especially reptiles and amphibians but other items may be added as the site progresses along.
As time allows, interests expand or change, and skills develop other interests and activities may be added to this site.
Eastern Diamondback
Tails 'n More Pet Services
Gopher Tortoise
Florida softshell turtle