Animal-themed slots

Get ready to run with all sorts of animals, sometimes realistic but more often anthropomorphized and, if you’re lucky, bringers of big wins. Yes, we’re talking about online slots games themed on animals and hoo boy are there lots! will attempt to give a brief overview below, but literally hundreds of titles are the bee’s knees for all the curious cats, sly dogs and eager beavers wanting to win a little real money on slots. All of the games that are mentioned on this page were found on website and can be played for free with no registration. Their Funny Animal Slots page offers most of the games for instant play.

Let’s do this by phylum, shall we? Thanks.

What kind of bird-themed slots are there?

Our feathered friends are ubiquitous as lucky totems and therefore as thematic fodder for casino game designers. Birds on a Wire, Cluck Bucks, Feathered Frenzy, Lucky Birds and Penguins in Paradise are some of our favorite recent releases. Gobbler’s Gold is a fantastic classic slots game, but the turkeys are well outnumbered by chickens in the casino’s birdhouse: Chicken Little, Egg-O-Matic and the all-time classic Cashanova are among just a few examples of chickens in virtual Vegas.

What about amphibian-themed slots?

Just like their real-life counterparts, amphibian-themed slots are the rarest of the lot, and you’re usually talking about slots starring frogs. Some examples here are Frog Hunter and Super Lucky Frog. Also Mr. Toad.

Are the casino games about bugs and insects?

You bet (so to speak)! Bee Crazy and The Bees are among the better within a hive of bee-themed slots games. Bug Life looks suspiciously like the early Pixar effort A Bug’s Life in theme and style, but is a decent play nonetheless. Fire Flies is fun and Travel Bug is an all-time classic.

The Crocodopolis Slot is a amphibian-reptile themed gameAre there any slots based on reptiles?

Dinosaurs aside, we like a couple based on alligators and crocodiles called Pirates Treasure Trove and Crocodopolis, respectively. The former features a colorful and slap-happy looking gator leading players to high payouts. In Crocodoplis, the aquatic reptilian beastie somehow ends up in Ancient Egyptian, getting the Horus treatment as a gator-headed god (and high-paying symbol).

What about cats and dogs?

“Cats and dogs” is not technically a phylum, but they’re so damn popular among, well, everybody except the allergic, we’ll definitely give those nice little animals yes they are more space because they’re so cute yes…

Cat lovers will certainly enjoy Fortune 8 Cat, a high-paying 1024-payline slot produced by Microgaming. Kitties go science-fiction in the classic slot Cosmic Cat. Miss kitty is a gorgeous fashionable cat, while Sumo Kitty has mastered the national sport of Japan. As for canines, we may advise Spike’s Nite Out as a humorous take on “Dogs playing Poker”. Cash Puppy is a great 3-reel slot for dog lovers, and the Dogfather is an inevitable combination of mafia and canine.

And other mammals?

Let’s see … we’ve got dolphins in Dolphin King, Dolphin’s Pearl and Ocean Fortune; Monkeys vs. Sharks and Gold ‘n’ Monkeys; pigs in the Big Bad Wolf, Little Pigs Strike Back, Three Little Piggies, Piggy Riches and Barnyard Boogie; and whales in Deep Blue and Whale O Winnings slots.

Time to roar like the proud lions of Africa or chill out with some funny penguins in the Arctic. All the gang of Noah’s Arc is here to give you more plays than you can shake a feather at. Go ahead and get wild and show your true colors. Blend-in with some lounge lizards here to see if your lucky strike is at hand. Get the fill of furry fun with every kind of creature at the casino today!

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